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Manipur India Christian persecution


India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Indonesia are some of the most heavily persecuted regions in the world.


When people become Christians in these areas they begin to automatically face persecution. It ranges from just animosity between friends, family, and employers to being rejected from family, evicted from rentals, fired from their job, or even beaten to death. Unfortunately, we have had all of these things happen to our leaders and church members. We need your prayer and support help those in need!

You can pray, donate, share news articles of persecution, and write local authorities about these atrocities. Especially in India right now. 

More Than You Know

Look at the map below to see the top 50 nations where Christians are violently persecuted most. Violent persecution happen more than we will ever know. Not every event is reported to us or watch list organizations. Please pray for these people and nations.

Our Stories

We have faced persecution of almost every kind in just the short years we have been in operation. Some of our members have been beaten to get them to deny Jesus, disowned and abandoned by their family and friends. We have even had members imprisoned and even murdered because they wouldn't convert into a Muslim or Hindu.

These stories are real and put pressure on our leaders and members. It is a pressure unlike many have faced in 1st world nations. This pressure forces you to show who you really believe to be God. This pressure creates a boldness to go out and share your faith even if it results in prison or death. Jesus said this is a blessing. Please pray for these blessed people to keep their boldness and to expand their territories to be able to fulfill the great commission and spread the Gospel in every corner of the earth!

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